a house falls from the sky


A seed was planting itself in our psyche…a beautiful (although still too expensive) mainstream construction project had turned into an adventure which quickened our heart rates and alternated between ‘who’s the crazy one now?’ and ‘no fucking way.’ We slept on the one-in-a-million idea and in the morning started the crazy smiling and shaking our heads all over again. What if?

What would you do if a house fell from the sky and into your lap? Would you let a gem be destroyed because it was somebody else’s problem? Or, would you pause and think…perhaps there was a reason your project wasn’t quite penciling out financially… because you were supposed to move the house and she wasn’t quite ready….until now.

Over time, not right away, the realization of the possibility we were pawns in a larger story…snuck in through the backdoor and started eating with us at dinner.